(Trumpet, Baritone, Helicon/Tuba, Penny Whistle, Keyboards, Vocals)

Kurt Heineckephoto by TomBeckwith

Comes from a 100% lineage of Germans, Kurt loves to share the fun of his German musical heritage! His grandfather made bratwurst at the Heinecke Meat Market in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, bratwurst capitol of the world. His other grandfather was named Adolph…but we won’t go there. Kurt grew up singing German Christmas carols around the piano with his musical family. By junior high school, he was playing trumpet and other brass instruments. And in high school he was already directing a German Band for the school’s German classes. Kurt has spent his life in music, including over 2 decades as the musical director and composer for the widely-popular VeggieTales series. Remember the theme song? Yup, a polka, with Kurt on the tuba.

Kurt loves playing his vintage helicon (sort of like a tuba), his German rotary-valve trumpet, Irish whistles, keyboards, singing…basically whatever is close that he can grab.

To learn more about Kurt, visit his website at khstudios.biz.

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